The Program in Jewish Studies offers several semester-long courses that include a travel component during spring break. These classes augment traditional classroom learning with an experiential component that is designed to deepen students’ engagement with the material. See a selection of student work here.

RELI 392 - Jerusalem: Holy City in Time and Imagination

A course on Jerusalem's past and present; its religious meanings in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; and its role in the modern conflict in the Middle East.

JWST 238 - Becoming Americans: The Jewish Immigrant Experience in the United States

This course examines the history of the American Jewish immigrant experience from colonial times to the present as a means of trying to understand how newcomers navigate the processes of adaptation, acculturation, and integration into American life.

GERM 351/HART 387 - Holocaust Memory in Modern Germany

This course traces and examines forms of Holocaust memory and memorialization in film, literature, art, architecture, city planning, museums, and memorials in Germany.

- Coexistence in Medieval Spain

This is a course on medieval Spain, which has acquired a reputation as the land of convivencia – coexistence between Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Never entirely at peace with one another, and often in a state of an open conflict, the three religious communities managed to live side-by-side

on the Iberian peninsula for nearly eight centuries.