Research Consortium

The Texas Jewish Studies Research Triangle is a consortium of Jewish Studies faculty largely from South Texas. In 2016, in collaboration with faculty from Texas A&M University in College Station and Trinity University in San Antonio, the Program in Jewish Studies at Rice won a grant from the American Academy of Jewish Research to start a special project designed to create an academic community among Jewish Studies professors from institutions across the region. Comprising over 50 faculty from nearly 20 institutions, the consortium meets two or three times per year in order to share ideas and resources, provide opportunities for research and collaboration, create innovative curricula and projects, and encourage outreach and exchange between Jewish Studies programs and faculty and their surrounding communities.

The Research Triangle provides a forum for faculty working in Jewish Studies in Texas to share research and pedagogical materials; create inter-institutional projects, workshops, and conferences for both students and professors; and collaborate on bringing speakers and events of community interest to the region. For more information about the consortium and its activities, please visit the website or contact Joshua Furman at