Victoria Johnson

Rice College: Duncan

Major: Mathematical Economic Analysis

Minor: Jewish Studies

I was an MTEC (mathematical economic analysis) major at Rice and added a minor in Jewish Studies after taking several classes with Dr. Weininger. While I wasn't necessarily thinking about completing the minor when I took my first JWST class, my experiences in the classes were some of the most intellectually influential ones I had at Rice and expanded the way I think about all aspects of the world. I was also able to bring in aspects of my economics courses to my work in Jewish Studies classes, investigating the economic impact of Israel's separation barrier in the West Bank and looking at the key economic role of women in the Haredi community. 

After graduation, I spent two years working in economic research, where I was lucky enough to continue exploring some of the issues I first wrote about at Rice, and am just now starting a new position as an analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. I really encourage current students to take Jewish Studies courses and to consider completing the minor, even if (and especially if!) your major is outside of the humanities.