Jeremy Reiskind

Rice College: Duncan

Degree: B.A.

Major: Sport Management

Minor: Jewish Studies; Business

Before starting Rice, all my family members told me I needed to study abroad while in college. However, after one semester at Rice, I knew it wasn't going to happen in the traditional sense because I didn't want to miss a semester on campus. While taking Hebrew my freshman year, I learned about the Program in Jewish Studies, and the opportunity to study abroad for spring break as part of a class. For two spring breaks, I traveled with the Program in Jewish Studies, once to Jerusalem and once to Berlin. That trip to Jerusalem was my fourth time visiting the city and my favorite trip because I was able to see the whole city and not just the Jewish places I had seen before.

In May 2019, I graduated from Ohio University with my Masters in Sports Administration. Before starting full time employment, I am working the summer at Ramah Sports Academy combining my sports and Jewish Studies educational training. My long term goal is to work in the non-profit sector of sports, and in a perfect world, it would incorporate aspects of Judaism.