Rice University Program in Jewish Studies

Scholarships and Awards     

The Program in Jewish Studies offers a range of competitive scholarships for undergraduates who are currently enrolled full-time at Rice. The scholarships are intended to assist students who want to pursue a special project related to the field of Jewish Studies in the U.S. or abroad. We also offer travel scholarships for students who want to study in Israel. Students currently in their senior year are ineligible. For more information, please contact us at jewishstudies@rice.edu or 713-348-4512. Applications are typically due in the Spring semester. See information below for deadlines and links to application resources.


The Desirée and Max Blankfeld Scholarship for Jewish Studies

The Desirée and Max Blankfeld Scholarship for Jewish Studies was created out of the idea that it was of the utmost importance to support a program at Rice University, for both Jewish and non-Jewish students, which would emphasize the rich tradition of Jewish heritage encompassing cultural, religious, historical, and geographical contexts. 

Dispersed for thousands of years from their homeland, no matter where they lived, all aspects of Jewish heritage have remained an integral part of the Jewish people. Jewish values, culture, and history were and are shared around the world, which is what has preserved the existence of Jews as a people-nation despite all odds.

Thus, it is our hope that a Jewish Studies Program at Rice University will lead towards a better understanding of the Jewish perspective and identity - religious and national - in the realm of the wide community of peoples and nations. It is within this context that the Desirée and Max Blankfeld Fund for Jewish Studies hopes to offer its contribution.


The Sosland Family Scholarship for Jewish Studies

The purpose of the Sosland Family Scholarship for Jewish Studies is to support Rice undergraduate students who study abroad or conduct research in connection with the Program in Jewish Studies.  Students who wish to apply for assistance to pursue a study abroad program related to Jewish Studies or a research project that involves travel are invited to apply for funding.

The scholarships assist students who want to pursue a special project or study in Jewish Studies, whether in the U.S. or abroad. For more information, contact Matthias Henze or Melissa Weininger.



  Interested Rice undergraduates should submit applications to jewishstudies@rice.edu  in Spring 2018.




2017: Gary Dreyer, Chloe Wilson

2016: Minoti Kale, Michael Portal

2015: Sparrow Gates, Michael Robinson

2014: Marica SharashenidzeLeah Topper

2013: Charles Danan (photos here), Kristian Edosomwan

2012: Jessi Litman, Farrah Madanay (part 1part 2), Chansun Park

2011: Yan Digilov, Michelle ShapiroEli Spector

(Student reports may be viewed by clicking on the names above)

The Morris and Shirley Rapoport Award in Jewish Studies

The Morris and Shirley Rapoport Award in Jewish Studies is given to a Rice undergraduate student who has demonstrated exemplary achievement and dedication in Jewish Studies courses over his or her undergraduate career. S/he has submitted outstanding work in the field and has shown a commitment to integrate the study of Jews and Judaism into his/her major area of study, in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the minor in Jewish Studies.


2017: Sonia Hamer

2016: Rachel Landsman

2015: Sparrow Gates, Jeremy Reiskind

2014: Ashley Pelton, Christal Porter

2013: Hannah Bosley

2012: Jennifer Phillips